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Yup, there is a whole bunch of these little B guys to count on, I will give there number/name first so they don't feel left out.
B1- Thiamin
B2- Riboflavin
B3- Niacin
B4- adenine
B5- Pantothenic Acid
B6- Pyridoxine
B10/ B11- Growth Factors
B12- Cobalamin
B13- Orofic Acid
B15- Pangamic Acid
B17- Amygdalin
Bc- Folic Acid
Bt- Caritine
Bx or PABA- Para-Amino benzoic Acid
Chorine, Inositol

Now wasn't that fun, if you think it's hard reading just try typing it all, hehe.
These are found in a good B Complex and should be taken as noted on bottle, this is a must for T* girls, this will aid your mones :)