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As some who have been here before, poor people, you may notice no more pictures. It has been a very eventful year, not so great, both my cats have passed on to kitty heaven, my folks didn't want there pictures up, even though i still have 5 lambs, died in the wool animal lover, he he.
Well here we are another year older and not one minute smarter, go figure!
Guess I'll add some more info on myself like my likes and dislikes-
turn  on's
Cat's , Dog's, Cute Fury Animals, Children, Warm summer night walks, Nature, Cuddling, Warm fire, Swimming, Boating, Driving, Fast cars, Small motor cycles, Touching, Hugging, Passionate Kissing, Helping someone, Meeting nice people, Sharing, Romance, and above all LOVE!
turn off's
Hatred, War, Mean People, Evil, Rudeness, Snob's, Hypocrites, Politics, cigars, violence

My Hopes And Dreams
I would love to work in the computer industry, perhaps as a web author or consultant, I would also like to work with plants, as a botanist or just at home.
Find a wonderful man and Marie, have a house with a white picket fence, kitties and dogs, gees this sounds familiar,,, lol
To see in my life time all men and women living in peace love and harmony, not to much to ask right!