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Guide to Measuring the Bust

The first step in buying a brassiere is figuring out the correct bust size. The following is a guide which is used by many foundation manufacturers. Give it a try, it's fun.

Step #1

Take a firm measurement of the bust under the rib cage (in inches).

Step #2

If that number is even add 4 inches, if it is odd add 5 inches. This is your actual bra size.

Step #3

Measure loosely around the fullest part of the bust.

Step #4

Figure the difference between the actual bra size and the fullest part of the bust measurement.

Use the "Cup-Size-O-Matic" (below) to get the cup size.


If the difference is (in inches):

5" the cup size is...A
6" the cup size is...B
7" the cup size is...C
8" the cup size is...D
9" the cup size is...DD
10"the cup size is...E


1. Under the rib cage measurement=27
2. Add 5 for bra size=32
3. Fullest part of the bust measurement=33
4. Difference between #1 & #3 is 6=B cup
5. The Bra Size Is =32B

This scale is a basic guide which may vary according to flesh and bone structure.