Cyan or Cool Cyan

This HOT little item packs a great punch folks, it has been used for slight pain relief as well as, Get This, A artery opener.
So what dose this have to do with me you ask?
Let me tell you, it is now believed that hair loss can in part be caused from veins in the head closing or thinning to the point of not keeping hair follicles healthy, hence if they are kept open what will happen to your hair? , yup! stay healthy or possibly come back, hooray!
To anyone that uses caffeine, coffee, tea, pop, ect..., you are also shrinking the blood vessels, you of all folks need this little wonder.
GIRLS, yes us in transition, guess what will happen if your blood steam moves better and packed with hormones, yup! easier transition :)

Suggested Dosage:
For Some folks who like it hot you could probably take Cyan at Lunch and or Dinner, but really 1 capsule will do the job per day.
For folks like me with a less tolerant tummy I suggest A "COOL" Cyan, it is known as cool cyan or capsicool or similar, depends on brand.
To all take 1 capsule after eating, not on an empty stomach, total burn out!