A Rose;
A rose is a gift of love,....
Sent to us from heaven above,....
If we give it away,...
On a bright sunny day...
It will fade and the petals will fall...
But forgotten? no, not at all...

A Tear;
A tear is a quiet thing.
Sometimes with broken heart it brings,
Sadness to weeper
Joy to the keeper
A tear is a beautiful thing.

Love is like unto the singing of the birds.
It brings joy and hope with out words.
Sometimes it saddens,
Sometimes it gladdens.
But always rewards, how absurd.

As we look back upon it all
We see the pictures on the wall
The first time we passed along this way
We hardly noticed the light of day

Now and then we would stop and look
Like quickly scanning the page of a book
And sometimes we'd stop and smell a rose
As long at it took to fill our nose

But now as time starts to fade away
We stop and think, When was that day?
And wish we hadn't rushed as we did
And stopped once and a while, just for our Id.